Bob's Burgers character
Gender Male
Hair Dark Blonde
Relatives Zeke (cousin)
Behind the scenes
First "Boyz 4 Now"
Voiced by Jack McBrayer

Leslie is Zeke's cousin that appeared in Season 3 episode Boyz 4 Now. He and Zeke were going to the Boyz4Now concert to sell bootleg t-shirts and hot dogs and allowed Tina and Louise to join them, in exchange for some gas money. Zeke mentions that Leslie loves to rhyme and eat canned pasta. Leslie also likes animals, as he is later seen buying a turtle from Jody, the Boyz4Now tour bus driver.


  • He is mentioned in Carpe Musuem ,when Zeke is reading a checklist, and he says "Nope! My cousin made this!". Since this is an episode after Boyz 4 Now, it is believed that he was visiting Zeke in these two episodes.