Lance the Turkey was one of Bob Belcher's anthropomorphic characters. His only appearance was in the episode An Incident Thanksgiving Proposal. He died when Bob ran upstairs and got shot by a shotgun bullet. He is voiced by the same actor that plays Bob, though only in a high voice.


Lance the Turkey doesn't have any changes, due to him being basically an anthropomorphic turkey. In his average immobile appearance, he is simple, he looks like an uncooked turkey that is pale peach, has ordinary wings, legs and a cleaned out hole from his rear-end that connects to his area where his insides would've been. In his true living, anthropomorphic form, his body has been cooked, due to him being obviously cooked in the oven, though he retains his original body parts and areas and he can now move like a human, due to his kind of species.


Lance the Turkey is given a unique personality by Bob Belcher. He has an picky characteristic, when he is cooked in a place that is uncomfortable or weird. As he prefers Bobs house, because he's the creation of Bob. He will persuade anybody to grab an interesting object, like the Absinthe bottle that he recommended Bob to take a sip of, though if the person he asks to do it, if they don't he will shout "Carpe Diam" which he says to Bob when he didn't know "Seize the Day" which translates to that.

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