Bob's Burgers character
Krissy Davis
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Occupation Boyz4Now fan club president/Boo Crew leader
Relatives Mrs. Davis (mother)
Mr. Davis (father)
Behind the scenes
First "Bye Bye Boo Boo"
Voiced by Lauren Lapkus

Krissy Davis is the president of a Boyz4Now fan club that Tina Belcher is secretary of in Bye Bye Boo Boo.

She is dissatisfied with the fact that the band broke up and that Boo Boo is urging fan clubs to become "Boo Crews", she moves that her club boycotts Boo Boo's solo career. Later in the episode, she converts the club to a Boo Crew to enter the competition to get a free roller coaster ride with Boo Boo, her group wins after gaining the most signatures thanks to her father signing up all of the employees at his company without them knowing. She and the group plan to eat a lot of junk food and vomit all over Boo Boo after riding the "Scream-I-Cane" at Wonder Wharf but are foiled when Louise steps in.


  • Members of her fan club include; her father, Tina Belcher, Robin, Ashley, Carly, Becca and a girl who is visibly too upset to introduce herself at the first meeting after the bands' breakup.
  • Her favorite member of Boyz4Now is Griffin.
  • Has a speech impediment called Rhotacism
  • As fan club president, she receives emails from Boyz4Now and select corporate partners where she can get discounts on merchandise.

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