King's Head Island (also spelled Kingshead Island) is an affluent island which is connected to the mainland by a car/pedestrian ferry. The island and ferry have featured several times throughout the series. The island is the main setting of Full Bars where Tina, Gene and Louise decide to trick or treat there after a bad run on the mainland. In O.T.: The Outside Toilet, Tim Jones (aka Max Flush) is tricked into boarding the ferry when trying to get the toilet back. It is later revealed the toilet's owner resides on the island. In Seaplane! , the Belchers minus Linda take the ferry there in their quest to get to Quippiquisset Island before Upskirt Kurt seduces her. The middle school is the venue for the regional cheerleading finals in Gene It On. In Wharf Horse (or How Bob Saves/Destroys the Town - Part I), Bob takes Mr. Fischoeder there to discuss his plan along with Linda and Fanny who go shopping. A Grand Prix go-kart race takes place there as seen in Speakeasy Rider.



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