Bob's Burgers character
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Occupation Delivery Boy at Reggie's Deli
Behind the scenes
First "Uncle Teddy"
Voiced by Paul Rust

Jonas is a boy who works as a delivery boy at Reggie's Deli. He first appears in Uncle Teddy where Tina develops a crush on him. She attempts to get close to him by ordering sandwiches from the deli for delivery, and gets a ride home from deli back to the apartment on his moped.

Knowing Tina likes him, after finding out her parents Bob & Linda Belcher are out of town, he convinces her to let him and his friends can have a 'gathering' in the restaurant.

When Teddy kicks Jonas and his friends out of the restaurant, he invites Tina to 'The Cove' another hangout, and tells her to bring burgers, so Tina sneaks out the window. At the Cove, after his friends are sick of him playing his melodica, he suggests to break into the lighthouse and make shadow puppets, when a park ranger show up, Jonas leaves Tina inside and runs away. Teddy finds Tina while being detained and sees Jonas coming back, they soon realize he didn't come back for Tina but for his moped, and in a fit of rage, Teddy throws his moped off a cliff into the water.

He appears again in Adventures In Chinchilla-Sitting where he picks up an escaped Princess Little Piddles while out on a delivery and takes him to a party. He then passes him on to his crush Vanessa Jackson who takes him to Skating Roller Rink. Jonas later accompanies the kids to the rink to retrieve Princess Little Piddles.


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