Bob's Burgers character
Joel Glassman
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Relatives Meryl Winters (great-aunt)
Behind the scenes
First "Secret Admiral-irer"
Voiced by David Herman
Joel Glassman is Meryl Winters's grandnephew. He is first seen when Tina first enters Meryl's room at the Elegant Doily Retirement Home getting a birthday check off Meryl. He appears again later getting another birthday check off Meryl and supposedly steals her pearl necklace which is later revealed to have been in Meryl's purse the entire time. He last appears being questioned by Sgt. Bosco at his apartment where he admits that he'll stop extorting from her.


  • Believed to have penned the letter addressed to Meryl from retired admiral Peter Wilcox in order to obtain her pearl necklace, which later turned out to be untrue.
  • Possibly related to Shauna Glassman, a girl mentioned in Mazel Tina who had a Bat Mitzvah Tina was unaware of.