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Bob's Burgers character
Jimmy Pesto
Jimmy Pesto
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Occupation Pizzeria Owner
Relatives Jimmy Pesto Jr. (son)

Andy and Ollie Pesto (sons)

Behind the scenes
First Sheesh! Cab, Bob?
Voiced by Jay Johnston

James "Jimmy" Poplopovich, Sr, better known as Jimmy Pesto, is the owner of Jimmy Pesto's Pizzeria and is Bob's primary business rival. He is the secondly antagonist of the show. Jimmy is the father of Jimmy Jr., Tina's primary love interest, and twin boys Andy & Ollie Pesto. In The Belchies it is implied he is divorced from his sons mother, stating 'I thought you were at your mothers' to the twins, but her name and appearance have yet to be seen. Andy and Ollie have mentioned having an aunt but it is unclear whether it's his sister or their mother's. He is voiced by Jay Johnston.


In the episode Sheesh! Cab, Bob?, Glitter, Marble, and Cha-Cha reveal to Bob that Jimmy Pesto is a regular at a fetish club called the Desire Dungeon. His nickname is "Baby Num-Nums" and is a 'Diaper Lover.'

Jimmy Pesto has seen less prominence in Season 2 as a major character to the plot, but appears in Burgerboss when Bob tries to beat Jimmy's high score on a video game when he leaves the initials to say "BOBSUX". In Tina-Rannosaurus Wrecks, Jimmy appears when he calls Bob to tell him that it was his parked car that Bob hit in the parking lot. While Bob doesn't want to sound irresponsible as a parent, he doesn't tell him that it was Tina driving the car.

In Full Bars, Jimmy Pesto gives the trick-or-treating Belcher kids oyster crackers. In The Deepening he is seen attending the block meeting in Bob's Burgers. Another non-speaking appearance for Jimmy Pesto is in the final moments of Nude Beach where we see a shot of Jimmy inside his restaurant.


  • Jimmy Pesto's first appearance was in Sheesh! Cab, Bob?, although this is going by broadcast order. In production order, he was given a proper introduction, along with Mr. Fischoeder, in Burger War.
  • It is revealed in the episode Burger War that Jimmy's real last name is Poplopovich.
  • Jimmy Pesto appears in the reflection of the extermination van window in the opening for Season 3 onwards.
  • In some episodes, his name is just credited as "Jimmy" on the end credits.


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