Bob's Burgers character
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Occupation Babysitter
Behind the scenes
First "Two For Tina"
Voiced by Wendy Molyneux

Jen is the Belcher's babysitter who babysits when Tina is unavailable or when she isn't trusted enough to watch Gene and Louise. She first appears in Two for Tina when Bob and Linda go to Wagstaff's school dance while Tina goes to Josh's school dance at the School for the Performing Arts. She brings little to entertain Gene and Louise namely a puzzle and her disfigured finger. Eventually she is overpowered when Gene and Louise force her to take them to Tina's dance.

In Purple Rain-Union, she is hired by the Belcher's again while Bob and Linda attend Linda's high school reunion. Tina is annoyed as she has been replaced by her as babysitter. She is shown to be strict in obeying Linda's instructions but after they discover she is extremely ticklish, they attempt to tickle her, this results in her punching Tina and giving her a black eye. Louise then blackmails her into taking them to the reunion, to cover up the fact she gave Tina a black eye, they anonymously give each other black eyes. After arriving outside the reunion they meet Linda who has walked out on her band, The Ta Tas. Jen gives Linda an inspirational speech about how the band are probably bad like her babysitting but that she should be doing it because she likes being in a band and it revealed that she actually loves babysitting despite being bad at it. She is last seen meeting with an attendee in the parking lot after the reunion.

She is meant to babysit the children in Uncle Teddy whilst Bob and Linda attend a burger conference but she has forgotten about it when she reveals that she is in France with her family.


Season 3

Season 4

Season 6

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