Bob's Burgers character
Javed Fazel
Gender Male
Hair Black
Occupation Entomologist
Behind the scenes
First "Bed and Breakfast"
Voiced by Larry Murphy

Javed Fazel is an entomologist who studies the mating habits of myfungal beetles. He appears in "Bed and Breakfast", staying at the Belcher's apartment, which Linda has turned into a 'Bed & Breakfast' for the holiday weekend, because the town has a high potency of fungus that his beetles thrive on and because no other space was available. He stays in Tina's room, dubbed the Equestrian Suite for the weekend.


Javed has a strange relationship with his beetles and talks to them like people. He is so invested in his work that he is completely unaware that Linda has locked him in the room until Louise picks the lock on the door.


  • Linda constantly mispronounces his name, rendering it as Javee, Javay, Javeed, and Jav-ed.
  • His last name isn't mentioned in "Bed and Breakfast" but it appears on the end credits.