Bob's Burgers character
Jack Conway
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Occupation Former owner and operator of Conway Meats/Writer
Relatives Marian Conway (wife)
Unnamed son
Behind the scenes
First "They Serve Horses, Don't They?"
Voiced by Ken Marino

Jack Conway was the owner and operator of Conway Meats, a meat provider that Bob switches to from Demetri's Nice to Meat You in order to save money in "They Serve Horses, Don't They?."

Bob arranges a consultation where Jack says that he can save Bob up to $400 a month on beef. Bob agrees to buy a sampler but later Hugo and Ron come in and reveal that they are investigating Jack for selling horse meat. They get Bob to arrange some more shipments of his meat while wearing or "rocking" a wire but are unsuccessful.

Jack later invites Bob to his birthday party, considering him his best customer. The family attends with Bob concealing a tape recorder. Bob manages to get him to say that he's selling him prime beef but Jack immediately suspects that Bob is spying on him. He plays some loud ska music to cover their conversation where he inadvertently admits that did sell him horse meat. Bob manages to get the tape to Hugo, with Hugo accidentally destroying the recorder. He gets done for selling horse meat.

Jack later comes to the restaurant to apologize to Bob for fraudulently selling him horse meat as prime beef and reveals that he is now writing a book about his experiences called "Friday Night Meats."


Jack is married to Marian with whom he has a young son and Marian is expecting their second child "in a couple of months."