Bob's Burgers Comics Issue #2 (first run)
Issue 2
Written by
Chad Brewster
Justin Hook
Rachel Hastings
Mike Olsen
Jeff Drake
Art by
Tony Genarro
Frank Forte
Tyler Garrison
Robin Brigstocke
Steven Theis
Hector Reynoso
Published: September 24, 2014
List of Comics
Issue 1 (first run)
Issue 3 (first run)

The second issue of the Bob's Burgers Comics was released on September 24, 2014 by publisher Dynamite Comics. The cover was designed by Steve Umbleby.

Louise's Unsolved Mysteries

Louise investigates a case of textbook tomfoolery.

Tina's Erotic Friend Fiction

This edition will go galactic.

A Gene Belcher Original Musical

Gene presents a musical re-imagine-actment of the story of Mozart and Salieri called "Genemadeus".

Letters Written by Linda

Linda looks out for her furry friends.

Bob's Burgers of the Day

Bob jots down burgers to live by.

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