Bob's Burgers Comics Issue #16
Written by
Rachel Hastings
Art by
T.G. Hopkins
Maggie Harbaugh
Brad Rader
Published: October 12, 2016
List of Comics
Issue 15

The sixteenth issue of the ongoing series of Bob's Burgers Comics was released on October 12, 2016 by publisher Dynamite Comics. The cover was designed by Mario D'Anna. This issue only has one story told by each of the kids, a Little Shop of Horrors parody.


Bob prepares a burger with a strange spice, but when a hungry Gene reaches for it and pricks his finger, the kids find out that it's the burger that's hungry - for blood. As it grows and brings great success to the restaurant, the kids have to decide whether to continue to feed the burger, or fry it.


  • This the most recent issue of the series, no more issues have been released since the release of this issue.


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BOB'S BURGERS ONGOING #16 at Dynamite Comics

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