Bob's Burgers Comics Issue #13
Written by
Justin Hook
Art by
Brad Rader
Mike Guerena
Published: July 6, 2016
List of Comics
Issue 12
Issue 14

The thirteenth issue of the ongoing series of Bob's Burgers Comics was released on July 6, 2016 by publisher Dynamite Comics. The cover was designed by Bernard Derriman. Unlike previous issues it contains only one story, "Enter the Tina".

Enter The Tina

Tina takes over in this one and tells the tale of a masterful martial artist tasked with avenging her sister, taking down the evil Tammy, and restoring honor to her temple, with the help of newfound friends Darryl and Rudy, and newfound maybe-more-than-just-new-friend, Jimmy, Jr..


  • The Jessie James variant cover for this comic is erroneously numbered as Issue #15.


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