Bob's Burgers character
Ice Pick
Ice Pick
Gender Male
Hair Dark brown
Occupation One Eyed Snakes member
Behind the scenes
First "Ear-sy Rider"
Voiced by Larry Murphy

Ice Pick is a member of the One Eyed Snakes motorcycle club. He first appears with the other members of the club in "Ear-sy Rider", and again in "Speakeasy Rider", but doesn't speak until his third appearance in "Wag the Hog."

In "Wag the Hog", after the club members refuse to fix Critter's bike that Kenny is willing to buy in order to bail Critter out of jail, he reveals to Bob, Kenny, and the kids that club doesn't really want to help Critter get out of jail as he is struggling to balance spending time with them and raising Sidecar. They later agree to meet in the middle and be more tolerable of Critter's situation and agree to fix Critter's bike.


Ice Pick has a mohawk and a beard.


  • Is on LinkedIn along with other club members.
  • His name hasn't been mentioned anywhere in dialog but appears on the closed captioning for "Wag the Hog" when he speaks from offscreen.[1]


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