Bob's Burgers character
Ian Amberson
Ian Amberson
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Occupation Pet Agent for Pets Pawsitive Pet Agency
Behind the scenes
First "There's No Business Like Mr. Business Business"
Voiced by John Oliver

Ian Amberson is a pet agent for Pets Pawsitive Pet Agency. In "There's No Business Like Mr. Business Business", he signs Mr. Business on to the agency after meeting him and Gayle and says he thinks "that Mr. Business has what it takes to be the next spokes-cat for Chef Cat cat food" and sets him up with an audition to be the next Chef Cat. He had previously managed a Chef Cat spokes-cat named Bootsy from 1993-1998. After Mr. Business assaults him while in training for the audition, he abandons his plans to represent the cat and instead takes on another Persian Longhair Mix called Jessica who later literally chokes during her audition and fails.


Amberson, to some degree, resembles Sgt. Bosco. He has sideburns and a retro haircut but doesn't have Bosco's slightly squinting eyes and wears glasses.


  • Ian is British.
  • Has a pet poodle called Snoodle who is very highly trained to obey complex commands. He also has a parrot named Petey, a former client who's new behavior of saying his advertising slogan repeatedly forced his owner to dump him on Ian's doorstep.
  • It is strongly implied that he sleeps with his clients' owners.
  • His agency Pets Pawsitive isn't mentioned in dialog but can be seen printed on the bottom of Mr. Business's headshots.
  • Through Bootsy, he got to meet Dean Cain.

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