Bob's Burgers character
Hummer Guy
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Behind the scenes
First "Bob Day Afternoon"
Voiced by Todd Barry

Hummer Guy is a man who drives a yellow hummer which he dubs the "Sex-U-V." His real name has never been revealed and is credited as Hummer Guy on the credits of both his appearances despite the vehicle not appearing in the second.

He first appears in Bob Day Afternoon where he is taken hostage by Mickey with Bob, Mr. Frond and Mr. Dowling amongst others at the bank. He attempts to hit on another hostage which leads to her scratching his car when he reveals that he isn't single. Later, when the tear gas goes off, a police officer vomits into the back of the car.

He appears again in Lindapendent Woman where he is shown shopping at Fresh Feed. After commenting that the whole store can hear Linda on the microphone, Louise then tells him Linda hates him the most.


Season 2

Season 3

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