Bob's Burgers character
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Occupation Caf-co employee
Behind the scenes
First "Bob and Deliver"
Voiced by Larry Murphy

Hildy is a Caf-co employee who is based at Wagstaff School. She first encounters Bob in Bob and Deliver where Bob asks if she can lend him an egg. She is very stubborn towards lending any food towards him and instead gives him the bird several times. Later she spots that Bob is operating a home-ecstruant in the classroom violating Caf-co's contract with the school. She alterts Bob to Mr. Platt's attention which leads to the ec-struant being shut down. After Bob attempts to revive the restaurant when the students rebel à la Dead Poet's Society, she, Mr. Platt and Mr. Frond attempt to stop them but are unsuccessful.


She cuts her own hair in the school's parking lot. ("The Runway Club")


Season 4

Season 6

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