Bob's Burgers character
Herman and Marylin
Herman and Marilyn
Gender Male (Herman)
Female (Marilyn)
Hair Brown (Herman)
Blonde (Marilyn)
Occupation Ventriloquist performer
Behind the scenes
First "Mutiny on the Windbreaker"
Voiced by Paul F. Tompkins

Herman and Marilyn are a ventriloquist act who performed on Captain Flarty’s ship The Windbreaker in Mutiny on the Windbreaker.

Herman is a human male with brown hair and wears a purple tuxedo who was a regional finalist on Star Search. Marilyn is a puppet manatee who bears a strong resemblance to Marilyn Monroe.

While on the Windbreaker, Gene attends a performance of their show, he ends up being smitten by Marilyn despite the fact she is just a puppet. He meets them following the show.

They later see him at dinner and realise that the Belchers have a VIP card with them, they decide to con him out of $100 saying that Marilyn needs it for some new headshots. Gene proceeds to find $100 but fails to do so. Gene later sees Marilyn’s eye fall of when Herman goes over to a fern pot to vomit after eating the bad Oyster Onassis, he retrieves the eye but says he couldn't find the money. Herman then tells him it was just a scam. Then (as Marilyn) he tells Gene that he deserves better than her. He also tells Gene to take the eye as he has plenty more. Gene then starts using the eye on his hand to perform as Marilyn.

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