Herb and Irene Weiner were characters that were stated on Fox's official press release for the episode, "It Snakes a Village,"[1] but didn't appear in the episode nor were stated on the end credits. It is not clear as to whether they were scrapped during the production of the episode, cut for time reasons or even actually existed in the first place. Had they appeared in the episode Nick Offerman would've voiced Herb and Megan Mullally would've voiced Irene.


  • The sharing of surnames and context of "It Snakes a Village" suggests that they were meant to be a married couple like Offerman and Mullally are in real life.
  • Herb would've been the second character to be voiced by Offerman after Cooper, rather than Pete in "Father of the Bob."
  • Irene would've been the fourth character to be voiced by Mullally after Gayle, Tabitha Johansson, and Beverly respectively.