Not to be confused with Henry

Bob's Burgers character
Henry Haber
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Occupation Student
Relatives Hogarth Haber (younger brother)
Behind the scenes
First "Carpe Museum"
Voiced by Jim Gaffigan

Henry Haber is a student at Wagstaff school. He first appears in Carpe Museum, where he is assigned as Tina's buddy for the field trip to the Museum of Natural History.


Henry is described by Tina as the "school weirdo". He in turn thinks that Tina is a dork as well. He and Tina get into an argument over which is the bigger dork after overhearing a passing student saying "What a dork" to one of them, they settle the argument when they decide that they are both dorks for their interests.

In The Millie-Churian Candidate, he runs for student body president under the campaign "Chess we Can". His campaign is mostly forgotten about until he wins the election by default. He later reveals that he set Millie up to run in the election so she could get power over Louise. This makes Louise mad, so she volunteers to become Jimmy, Jr.'s campaign manager. After tanking the campaign which Henry knew she'd do, Jimmy, Jr. drops out and joins with Millie. He then tells Louise to run by herself. He gets Louise disqualified by luring her into Mr. Frond's office and discovering Abby's permanent record, revealing her real name. This leads to Millie strangling Abby after finding out that Louise wouldn't be besties with Millie under her besties scheme and ultimately gets her disqualified which means Henry wins by default. Despite being the winner his campaign is forgotten during a debate and even after both Millie and Louise were disqualified.

In "Ain't Miss Debatin'", Henry asks Tina to join the school's debate team. After their first debate, they start dating each other.

Henry is mentioned, but not seen, in "Go Tina on the Mountain." Mr. Frond checks that he got his nasal irrigation kit.


Henry has brown hair and wears glasses. He wears a white shirt, gray shorts, white socks, and tan shoes. He bears something of a resemblance to King of the Hill character Hank Hill, and the Angry Video Game Nerd.


  • Henry has a younger brother, Hogarth who is in fourth grade.
  • Henry writes graphic novels in which he has so far written 17 installments.
  • He has an interest in dinosaurs.
  • Has a rare kind of contagious acne.
  • Sleeps using a sleep apnea machine.


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