Not to be confused with Helen

Bob's Burgers character
Helen Kellerman
Helen Kellerman
Gender Female
Hair Grey (dyed purple)
Occupation Retired
Behind the scenes
First "It Snakes a Village"
Voiced by Linda Lavin

Helen Kellerman is a resident at The Glades at Palmetto Village retirement community. She is voiced by Linda Lavin.

In It Snakes a Village, the kids see her mourning her pet dog Bitsy whom she believes was eaten by a python. She offers the kids a reward of $100 dollars to capture the snake. After the kids discover Bitsy alive in the Glades they return him to her, after which she attempts to dress him in a sailor suit, he then runs off back into the glades. Tina tells Helen that he seemed happy out in the glades which leads her to say that she supports him no matter what he wants to do.

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