Bob's Burgers character
Gender Female
Hair Black
Occupation Student
Behind the scenes
First "Slumber Party"
Voiced by Katie Crown

Harley is a student who attends Wagstaff School.

She first appears in the episode Slumber Party as a guest invited to Louise's sleepover by Linda. Later, while watching a movie, Louise tells Harley that Gene has a twin in the basement that will attack her if she blinks, scared by this she elects to go home.

Harley appears in a deleted scene in The Gayle Tales during Tina's essay, Lady Chatter-teeth's Lover. During a montage where eligible batchelors for Gayle are shown. She is seen walking with Josh, Tina's love interest from Lindapendent Woman and Two for Tina when Mickey is being beaten by Edith Cranwinkle.[1]

In House of 1000 Bounces, she attends Regular Sized Rudy's birthday party.


Harley is very talkative and is seemingly oblivious to the fact that Louise wants her to shut up all the time.


Harley has black hair and wears a blue hairband in it. She wears a turquoise dress and shoes. Her pajamas consist of a baggy yellow top and bottoms.


Season 4

Season 6

Season 8


  • She has a cat named Popover who is orange and yellow.
  • Collects stickers, she claims her are really rare so that she will get six common stickers if she trades one with someone.
  • Attends dance class with Louise.