• In the shot when the camera zooms through the restaurant, Ginny is wearing her Thundergirls troop leader uniform but in all other shots she is wearing the clothes that she wears at her office job in "Tina Tailor Soldier Spy."
  • In the shot of Bob and Louise floating over the town during "Bad Stuff Happens in the Bathroom", Bob's arm and leg hair are missing.
  • Sidecar appears as he did in "Speakeasy Rider" on the end credits although another older version of him had already been seen in "Wag the Hog." However, this episode was produced first meaning that Sidecar as he is shown in Wag the Hog had likely not yet been designed.

Behind the Scenes

Deleted scene following Gretchen's arrival
Deleted scene where Mort is voiced by Loren Bouchard
An earlier version of a scene with Dr. Yap
An earlier version of the news piece
A rough cut of "Bad Stuff Happen in the Bathroom"