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Bob's Burgers character
Gender Female
Hair Grey
Age 60s
Occupation Retired
Relatives Al (husband)

Linda Belcher (daughter)
Gayle (daughter)
Bob Belcher (son in-law)
Tina Belcher (granddaughter)
Gene Belcher (grandson)
Louise Belcher (granddaughter)

Behind the scenes
First Crawl Space
Voiced by Renee Taylor

Gloria is Gayle and Linda's mother, wife of Al, and Bob's mother-in-law.

Bob does not like her very much, and he tries to hide from her when she and her husband, Al, come over. Bob hates the sound of Gloria's voice and the things she says. However, she has very much respect for Bob and Linda, saying that they are good parents. She is seen to be the stereotypical nagging, controlling mother-in-law; the source of misery for everyone around her; the type who dominates most conversations to the point that people run away from her before she talks.

Her only appearances to date are in Crawl Space and It Snakes a Village. She is mentioned in Sacred Cow.


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