Bob's Burgers character
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Occupation Office worker/Thundergirls Troop 119 Leader
Behind the scenes
First "Tina Tailor Soldier Spy"
Voiced by Brooke Dillman

Ginny is the troop leader of Thundergirls troop number 119 which Tina belongs to. She hosts the troop's meetings at her apartment.


She first appears in Tina Tailor Soldier Spy where she convinces Tina to return to the troop to find a mole that she believes has been giving away the troops' cookie leads following an incident at her workplace where she arranged for Troop 119 to sell cookies to her co-workers but Troop 257 had shown up ahead of them.

Following the incident, Ginny is quick to blame anyone for being the mole. After Tina reveals that it's Rena, she says she knew it was her when she in fact didn't know it and had accused Jodi and Julie on the ride over to Bob's Burgers.

She appears again in Glued, Where's My Bob? where she is one of the many characters from the series who comes to the restaurant after hearing that Bob is stuck to the toilet.


Ginny has brown hair. When leading Thundergirls Troop 119, she wears a Thundergirls uniform without a sash along with a pair of hiking boots. While at work she wears a pink blouse and a purple skirt.


  • By day she works in an office.
  • Implied to be fan of cycling as she has an "I (heart symbol)" refrigerator magnet with a bike on it.
  • Ginny is the first character voiced by Brooke Dillman to reappear in a later episode, albeit in a non speaking role.


Season 5

Season 6

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