Bob's Burgers character
Gender Female
Hair Red
Relatives Cheryl (cousin)
Unnamed daughter
Behind the scenes
First "Sliding Bobs"

Ginger is Linda's longtime friend whom she describes as her BFF. Linda has been friends with her longer than she has known Bob. She was an unseen character for the first five seasons, with Linda often mentioning her or speaking on the phone to her, but finally made her first appearance in the Season 6 premiere, "Sliding Bobs" where she is shown from behind with Linda at a bar in Linda's flashback to how she met Bob. She is yet to have a speaking part.


A possible sighting of Ginger from Hamburger Dinner Theater

Although she was believed to have been unseen before her appearance in "Sliding Bobs", a woman wearing the same color shirt and with the same color hair can be seen sat next to Linda while she is watching Pirates of Panache in "Hamburger Dinner Theater" in Season 1. It has been speculated that the woman in question is Ginger. She also later appears at showings of Dreamatorium with the woman sat to Linda's right at Pirates of Panache and appears in the crowd at Lobsterfest in the eponymous episode.[1]

In Issue 5 of the first run of the Bob's Burgers Comics. Linda writes a letter to Ginger as part of her "Letters From Linda" section of the comic. The letter is concerning if there is an alternate universe containing slightly different versions of the Belchers.


In "An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal", it is revealed that Ginger is married or has been married as Linda mentions that she is wearing her bridesmaids' dress from her wedding. In "Slumber Party", Linda talks about her daughter going to a slumber party and about her cousin Cheryl who has psoriasis. In "The Belchies" it is revealed that her husband or a sexual partner of hers is called Tony. Ginger also had a cat but it "died in a really funny way" according to Linda. ("Sexy Dance Fighting")


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