Bob's Burgers character
Gerald Garrison
Gender Male
Hair Black
Occupation Accountant at See You Later Calculator Accounting
Behind the scenes
First "Large Brother, Where Fart Thou?"
Voiced by Erik Griffin

Gerald G. Garrison, CPA is an accountant who works for See You Later Calculator Accounting, he first appears in "Large Brother, Where Fart Thou?" seeing Bob and Linda who are doing their taxes at the last possible moment on the last possible day.

While meeting with Bob and Linda, he receives a call from Tim (possibly Tim the Royal Oyster pianist who is seen performing in a revue later in the episode at Lobsterfest) saying that the pot cookies he baked for his mother didn't give her a high and figures that he, Bob, and Linda have eaten the pot cookies in a mix-up. This is later shown to be true when they are all shown strung out on the cookies.


Gerald often uses humor and jokes when seeing clients. Bob and Linda don't find his jokes funny but they laugh along out of fear of getting audited. While high, Linda admits that his jokes aren't funny to him and he loses his confidence with doing accounting, even not being comfortable enough to see his next appointment. Later, while coming off the high, Bob encourages him to continue with accounting and doing jokes because he likes it, just like how Bob likes doing his Burger of the Day puns.


  • Envisioned being a stand-up comedian if accounting wasn't for him.
  • His last name isn't been mentioned in any dialog or listed on the end credits but is visible on his office door when Bob and Linda enter as well as the firm he works for, "See You Later Calculator Accounting."

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