Bob's Burgers character
"Ferdie" Spratt
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Occupation Head of Spratt's Sweets
Relatives Ferdinand Spratt (paternal grandfather)
Behind the scenes
First "Like Gene for Chocolate"
Voiced by Judah Friedlander

Ferdinand "Ferdie" Spratt is the head of Spratt's Sweets, a candy company. In "Like Gene for Chocolate", Gene approaches him about switching back to the old formula for Chunky Blast Offs instead of the new formula which Gene dislikes. He agrees to it but says it has to be put forward to the board. He later backs out of the plan after losing confidence to implement his urinal plan of pitching the idea to board members while at the urinals. Later, Gene speaks for him to the board in a meeting and it is agreed to switch back to the old formula but the decision is reversed after realizing the costs would be too high. Instead, Ferdie offers Gene the remaining stock of the old formula from the warehouse, which he accepts.


His paternal grandfather, also named Ferdinand Spratt, founded the company over 80 years ago. He is currently the only living descendent of Spratt with the same last name.


When he fails to help Gene and has a falling out with him, Linda says that Ferdinand turned out to be a "Turdinand."