Bob's Burgers character
Felix Fischoeder
Felix Fischoeder
Gender Male
Hair Blond
Age 50s
Occupation Landlord
Relatives Calvin Fischoeder (brother)
Behind the scenes
First "Ambergris"
Voiced by Zach Galifianakis

Felix Fischoeder is the younger brother of Calvin Fischoeder and a central figure in the latter episodes of Season 4. He first appeared in Ambergris where he is shown doing some landlord work with Calvin because his inheritance had ran out. When they visit Bob's Burgers he is put in charge of calling a plumber to repair the bathroom in the restaurant. But instead he decides to install a new, high-tech bathroom, which he comes to regret after installation.

He appears in the two-part finale of Season 4 as an antagonist where he and Bob conspire to convince Mr. Fischoeder to tear down Wonder Wharf to make way for high end condos. Following Bob's defection to Mr. Fischoeder's side, Felix attempts to kill them both by tying them up to a post under the pier while the tide rises. After Bob and Fischoeder escape, Mr. Fischoeder lays all the blame on his girlfriend Fanny sparing him from prison.

Felix appears in Dawn of the Peck spending Thanksgiving with Calvin. In The Oeder Games, it is revealed that he now lives in a treehouse on Calvin's property. He used to live in the mansion itself before being kicked out because of his sleep apnea and "sleep fartnea."


Felix is known to be rather odd and temperamental, and has emotional issues likely stemming from childhood. Felix is the person responsible for poking out Mr. Fischoeder's eye, in an as-yet unexplained incident. Felix may be a narcissist, based upon the fact that he was soothed in Ambergris by hearing a song in praise of him. He is often teased by his brother Calvin, who has even said that Felix is "incapable of doing anything right on his own". However, he does wish for Calvin's support and possibly affection, as he becomes upset when Calvin does not praise the bathroom Felix designed for Bob.

Felix is unstable and can be rash and even dangerous when upset. He has even gone so far as to attempt murder when Calvin refused to sell the wharf. While he did not display signs of guilt, he went to rescue Bob and Calvin when he realized the seriousness of what he had done.

When upset, Felix will yell or enclose himself in a locked room. He does not seem to have any problem with showing his anger around his brother, but will attempt to hide his emotions and calm his voice around other people. A lock of his hair becomes loose when he loses his temper or otherwise becomes upset.


  • Went to boarding school.
  • Is likely left-handed, as that is the hand he used to hold his gun.
  • Was his mother's favorite.
  • Poked out his brother's eye.
  • Is an accomplished figure skater, he can be as provocative as PG-13 according to Calvin. (Nice-Capades)
  • Has a pet wolf named Lulu.


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