All of my life people have been telling me what I can't do, Fanny you can't show your butt, Fanny you can't shoot people, today i'm gonna do both!
— Fanny
Bob's Burgers character
Gender Female
Hair Red
Age 29
Occupation Singer
Behind the scenes
First "Wharf Horse"
Voiced by Jordan Peele
Fanny is Felix Fischoeder's girlfriend who appears in both parts of the How Bob Saves/Destroys the Town saga "Wharf Horse" and "World Wharf II: The Wharfening."

In Part 1, she first appears accompanying Felix to Bob's Burgers where she reveals that Felix is promising her a recording studio at the planned high-end condo development along with a nightclub where she can sing.

In Part 2, after discovering that Felix is trying to save Bob and Calvin Fischoeder, meaning the development involving her nightclub and recording studio would not be going through with Calvin being alive, she attempts to kill Calvin, and the Belchers, but her plan is ruined by Linda, knocking a rotten wooden pole into the peddle boat that Fanny was on. Fanny is later seen being taken away by the police for attempted murder.


  • Calls her left breast Milo and her right breast Otis.
  • Wears weasel fur eyelash extensions.


Season 4

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