Bob's Burgers character
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Occupation Wine rail employee
Behind the scenes
First "The Kids Rob a Train"
Voiced by Michael Showalter

Ethan is an employee at Wine Rail who works on the Wine Train. At the start of the episode, he "imprisons" Tina, Gene and Louise in the "juice caboose" along with Regular Sized Rudy. He then checks on them every hour giving them juice deliveries. Later, during the last juice box for the day, Ethan was informed by the chef that all the chocolate on the train had disappeared and accuses the kids of stealing it, even refusing to believe that they were locked in all day with no way out and began looking in the car, such as a box, the bathroom and even ripping Rudy's bean bag and still nothing and apologize for his action and offer them one more juice box. Later near the end, he sees that the kids are covered in chocolate and realize they did steal the chocolate, He tried to get the train to stop but it's no use.


  • Believes that trains make the noise "honk, honk."
  • Tina gained a crush on him, even though he hated them for taking the chocolate from the train.