Bob's Burgers character
Dr Eigerman
Dr. Eigerman
Gender Male
Hair Red
Occupation Doctor
Behind the scenes
First "The Kids Run the Restaurant"
Voiced by Johnny Pemberton

Dr. Eigerman is a doctor who treats Bob for a "finger-crotch" cut in The Kids Run The Restaurant.


He is inexperienced as when he treats Bob it is the first time he his treating a patient alone rather than with an attending physician supervising him. This results in him having to look up a video on his smartphone on how to give stitches. He and Linda get their picture taken by Bob on his smartphone for his mother to see.

His inexperience also led to him shaving both of Bob's arms and wrapping his entire left forearm with bandages. Bob later accidentally reopens the wound when trying to examine what he did to his arm exactly and he is again assigned to treat Bob. Bob angrily demands to see a nurse which he initially turns down due to "doctor - doctor" confidentiality. Bob angrily declares there is no such thing and gets his wish.


  • Dr. Eigerman is voiced by Johnny Pemberton who in his youth wanted to be a doctor and is descended from a line of Mayo Clinic doctors and trainees.[1]


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