For the character Gene dubs 'Dottie Minerva' see "Dottie Minerva".

Bob's Burgers character
Dottie Minerva
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Occupation Student
Behind the scenes
First "The Kids Run the Restaurant"
Voiced by Samantha Shelton

Dottie Minerva is a student at Wagstaff School who Gene recruits to be part of his girl group, The Cutie Patooties. While in the group, Gene dubs her Misty Gish and later uses her real name for another member of the group.

Gene makes her the lead vocalist for the group's first performance but after not rehearsing and misunderstanding Gene's directions from offstage comprehensively, Gene cancels the performance and replaces her with Girl #3 for the next performance.

When the group decides to disband she lists her reason for quitting as she wants to focus on her glitter stickers.


  • Despite her real name being confirmed as Dottie Minerva, she was credited as Misty Gish on the end credits for "The Kids Run the Restaurant" and her real name was used for the girl who Gene dubs "Dottie Minerva". On Fox's press release for "The Hormone-iums", Samantha Shelton is credited as playing Dottie Minerva, her real name, despite not appearing. Although, Shelton voiced Angela in the finished episode whose appearance is near-identical to Minerva's


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