Bob's Burgers character
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Occupation Meat delivery guy
Behind the scenes
First "Mutiny on the Windbreaker"
Voiced by Larry Murphy

Demetri is a meat delivery guy who works for "Nice to Meat You". In Mutiny on the Windbreaker, he delivers some meat to the restaurant while the family are out on the Windbreaker. Because none of them are in he leaves the meat out on the sidewalk believing Bob and Linda are "busy upstairs". But later the meat gets ran over by a dump truck and ends up getting squirted on to the glass window of the restaurant.

Bob speaks to him on the phone in Lindapendent Woman.

In "They Serve Horses, Don't They?", Bob switches to Jack Conway's Conway Meats in an attempt to save money. After Jack gets done for serving horse meat, Bob switches back to Demetri as in "Into the Mild", he tells Bob over the phone about the Outdoor Adventure World store in Bog Harbor closing.


  • He is likely named after Demetri Martin, whose show "Important things with Demetri Martin" features appearances from Bob's Burgers cast member, H. Jon Benjamin and featured writing contributions from Dan Mintz.