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Bob's Burgers character
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Occupation None
Behind the scenes
First Burgerboss
Voiced by Aziz Ansari

Darryl, also known as DRL, is a character in Bob's Burgers. He is a student at Wagstaff School and a video game enthusiast who decides to help Bob when Jimmy Pesto humiliates Bob on his own video game at the restaurant. He returns in the episode Nude Beach. Also Darryl makes an appearence in Fort Night when the the Belcher childeren, Darryl, Andy and Ollie get trapped in the fort, Darryl betrays the characters to Millie. He is shown to have claustrophobia when he is trapped in the fort with the crowd.


Not much is known, other than him being an African-American and a video game enthusiast who is often bullied by a kid named Tyler. He is very skilled at old arcade games and visits Family Funtime often.


  • FOX's press releases often misspell his name as "Darrell".
  • Darryl goes by the initials DRL, which he uses as his name in the highscore board.
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