Bob's Burgers character
Daniel Belcher
Daniel Belcher
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age 12
Relatives (see Belcher Family)

Bob Belcher (father)
Linda Belcher (mother)
Gene Belcher (younger brother)
Louise Belcher (younger sister)
Al (maternal grandfather)
Gloria (maternal grandmother)
Gayle (maternal aunt)
Big Bob (paternal grandfather)
Mrs. Belcher (paternal grandmother)
Ernest Lombard (paternal maternal great uncle)
Burt (maternal x2 great-grandfather)
Vanessa (first cousin once removed)

Behind the scenes
First "The Pilot"
Last "The Pilot"
Voiced by Dan Mintz

Daniel Belcher was a character in the demo stages of Bob's Burgers, as shown on the Complete First Season DVD set. He was set to be the oldest child of the family, but the crew felt like having the idea of two sons would not have worked well, so Daniel was scrapped after the pilot demo stages and replaced by a female version known as Tina for the series.

Along with similarities to Tina, he shared most of her lines in "The Demo". The only difference is that he talked about his testicles itching, along with a small scene that was talking about his itchy crotch.

Daniel makes a cameo in Issue 5 of the first run of the Bob's Burgers Comics series. He appears drawn on a letter in Linda's Letters where Linda is imagining an alternate universe of the Belcher Family where Tina is a boy.