Bob's Burgers character
Dakota Applebaum
Gender Male
Hair Golden blonde
Occupation Mother-daughter guru
Behind the scenes
First "Mother Daughter Laser Razor"
Voiced by Tim Heidecker

Dakota Applebaum is a mother-daughter guru who appears in Mother Daughter Laser Razor.

He runs an online blog called the "Phenomi-mom." Linda uses the blog to find advice on what she should do about her and Louise's relationship.

Linda later takes Louise to a seminar he's hosting at The Nurture Center.


Dakota is shown to be rather enthusiastic about mending mother-daughter relationships to the point where he "kills" Louise after the group all ends up playing laser tag after claiming she ruined his seminar.


  • Dakota is the second character voiced by Tim Heidecker in the series.
  • Therapy tools include "umbilitators" - a funnel leading into a tube with a face mask attached, vagisacks - a sack resembling a human vagina which cost $50 apiece and the uter-room where punished attendees are forced to watch "Freaky Friday" on a loop.

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