Bob's Burgers character
Courtney Wheeler
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Age 11-12
Occupation Student at Wagstaff School
Relatives Doug Wheeler (father)

Mrs. Wheeler (mother)

Behind the scenes
First "The Unbearable Like-Likeness of Gene"
Voiced by David Wain

Courtney Wheeler is a sixth-grade student at Wagstaff School and Gene's on-off girlfriend.


Courtney is described by many characters in the show as annoying with habits including sucking on her necklace, talking on her cellphone in the bathroom (confusing Tina), kicking the front seat of cars, breathing too loud and talking too much. Aside from being annoying, Courtney also displays a bratty side as shown in The Unberable Like-Likeliness of Gene when she and her friends don't let Gene get a word in their one sided relationship to start with, continuously kicks Bob's seat when he's driving her, Gene, Julie and Lenny to the movies even after he tells her to stop and continously interrupts Gene while he is singing his love jingle at her birthday party and blames him for getting her into the hospital when he gets fed up with her. While in the hospital Courtney fakes her death to get back at Gene for yelling at her to stop breathing, which scares him. This attitude is also displayed in Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl when her play gets chosen over Gene's and rubs it in his face, infuriating him. However, Courtney also displays slight insecurity when she gets Gene to get Peter Pescadero to date her, hinting that she may not like being single.


Courtney has blonde hair like her mother, she wears a lilac purple tank top and a darker purple skirt. She wears a necklace with a heart shaped locket on it which she likes to suck on.


Gene Belcher

Gene starts going out with Courtney after being pressured into by her friends Rupa and Julie. Gene doesn't actually like Courtney and finds her really annoying, however, he cannot work up the courage to end it. Their relationship is sustained by Gene taking an interest in her father, Doug, who writes jingles and has a room full of high-tech musical equipment which Gene wants access to.

After Gene becomes angry at Courtney interrupting his jingle/demo he's performing to Doug, she collapses in shock and as a result of palpitations caused by her heart condition and is rushed to the hospital. At the hospital, she persuades Gene to admit that he wants to break up with her and after doing so appears to die, but it is later revealed to be an elaborate prank staged by Courtney, her parents and the attending Dr. Chegler. Courtney forgives Gene after he agrees to get Peter Pescadero to go out with her and clean her bedpan which he keeps for himself.

In Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl, they both stage musicals, Gene does an adaptation of Die Hard and Courtney does an adaptation of Working Girl, after disrupting one another's show and arguing in Mr. Frond's office they reconcile and decide to stage Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl, an amalgamation of the two musicals. In a scene, they kiss in character with Gene playing Hans Gruber and Courtney playing Tess McGill.

In The Gene and Courtney Show both she and Gene are offered to do morning announcements at school in place of Ms. LaBonz. While doing so they decide to start dating again, this time, however, Gene is actually interested in Courtney and isn't just using her to get to her father. This adversely affects their performance in the school announcements and decide to just be friends in order to preserve their show. Even so, Courtney still gives Gene a quick kiss for Valentine's Day.


Her father is Doug Wheeler, a jingle composer and little is known about her mother who has so far only appeared in "The Unbearable Like-Likeness of Gene."


Season 3

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7


  • Courtney is presumably 12 as she is in sixth grade and had her birthday party in "The Unbearable Like-Likeness of Gene."
  • She has a congenital heart condition, Julie claims she can't control her legs because of it.
  • Her baby teeth never fell out resulting in her having two rows of teeth. ("Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl").
  • Courtney's voice actor David Wain sucked on a pen to replicate the sound of her chewing her necklace. [1]
  • Courtney appears to be an only child.


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