Bob's Burgers character
Claire und Jacqueline
Claire and Jacqueline
Gender Female
Hair Blonde (Claire)
Brown (Jacqueline)
Occupation Students
Behind the scenes
First "Mother Daughter Laser Razor"
Voiced by Lindsey Stoddart (Claire)
John Roberts (Jacqueline)

Claire and Jacqueline are the most popular girls in the school. They first appear in Mother Daughter Laser Razor where Tina serves them at the restaurant. They then talk about a girl named Rachel with a leg hair problem and they and Tina laugh, until Tina sees her leg hair. Gene covers Tina's legs before they see her legs.



Claire has fair skin, and with blonde hair in pigtails. She has no lipstick and wears a pink shirt with jeans and boots.


Jacqueline has dark skin. She has red lips, long brown hair, and wears a green shirt with dark blue pants and sandals.


Season 3

Season 5

Season 6

  • The Land Ship (non speaking cameo, appear at the Land Ship parade)

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