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Bob's Burgers character
Chuck Charles
Chuck Charles
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Occupation Television Presenter
Relatives Pam (ex-wife)
Behind the scenes
First "Beefsquatch"
Voiced by Thomas Lennon

Chuck Charles is a television presenter who works for Channel 13. He previously hosted Get On Up With Chuck and Pam with his ex-wife Pam. He is currently the host of the gameshow Family Fracas.


While he was presenting "Get On Up" with Pam he seemed to get along very well with her, believed by many that they were in a happy marriage. Pam later reveals that they are in fact divorced because fame tore them apart and that she didn't want to live in a house with low-flush toilets.

He is shown to be vengeful towards Bob as Gene and Bob’s fighting which he instigated and Linda exposing her breasts on air led to the cancellation of "Get On Up." He rigs the Belchers' game of Family Fracas against the Pestos' in Family Fracas and ignores Bob’s burger name and tells the officials to put “Stupid Black Garlic Burger” on the screen in Best Burger.


  • According to ex-wife Pam he has a mis-shapen penis.
  • His first name, 'Chuck' is a common nickname for his last name, 'Charles', which means his name could be interpreted as 'Charles Charles'. However, it could also be possible that 'Chuck Charles' is a stage name.


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