Bob's Burgers character
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Behind the scenes
First "God Rest Ye Merry Gentle-Mannequins"
Voiced by Zach Galifianakis

Chet is a character seen in God Rest Ye Merry Gentle-Mannequins who believes he was a mannequin.

He is first seen by the Belchers when they visit a storage unit they have inherited from Bob's late uncle, Ernest G. Lombard at Just Stow It and find him living there. At first believed to be a window dresser at Lombard's department store, he is taken in by the Belchers after realizing it would cost them $150 a month to continue the lease that Ernest payed for.

The next morning he creates a window display that quickly attracts the attention of the townspeople and the media. He then continues creating displays for everyone to see in the run-up to Christmas.

He then reveals that he was a mannequin who'd been separated from his mannequin wife, Nadine when the store closed and claims that the pain of losing her caused him to turn human.

After being insulted by Bob he creates a very gory display, seeing him heartbroken the kids head off to find Nadine. They find her at Spanks A Lot sex shop after a tip-off from Marshmallow.

Chet is reunited with her after Bob and the kids steal her from the store. They showcase the window display but after arguing with Sal, the owner of Spanks A Lot, a fight breaks out. Sal then agrees that Chet and the Belchers can have Nadine when the kids give up their presents for her.

At the end of the episode he says he and Nadine will move into his apartment in Manhattan where his loft was being converted. Suggesting he was just a squatter.

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