Bob's Burgers character
Chase Kaminsky
Chase Kaminsky
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Occupation Insurance adjuster
Behind the scenes
First "Tina-Rannosaurus Wrecks"
Voiced by Bob Odenkirk

Chase Kaminsky is the loss adjuster who comes to visit Bob after Tina crashes his car into Jimmy Pesto’s. He later invites the family to cater his barbecue. While Tina is attending the barbecue the house is set alight. Chase later reveals that this was part of a scam to claim insurance and frame the Belchers. He is caught when Tina records him talking about already committing hundreds of scams and will commit a hundred more on Gene’s Casio SK-5 and it gets sent to government officials.


  • Chase had a cat called Spritzal who died of natural causes a week before the fire.

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