Bob's Burgers character
Gender Male
Hair Grey
Occupation Caricature artist
Behind the scenes
First "Moody Foodie"
Voiced by David Herman

Charac is a caricature artist who draws caricatures set up on Front Street.


He wears a short sleeved, button-up purple top; dark brown pants, and tan shoes. He has long grey hair pulled back into a ponytail and speaks with a French accent.

In Moody Foodie; he draws Reggie, Tran, and Pepe's descriptions of the Moody Foodie disguised as a park ranger, an ER doctor, and a construction worker respectively; charging Bob thirty dollars despite Bob insisting he didn't ask for them. He also draws Tina "on a horse with a zombie" at her request, charging Bob fifty dollars. Louise also requests he draw Bob's mustache "really giving it to a caterpillar", though he isn't shown doing so.

In Tina and the Real Ghost he can be seen drawing Tina and Jeff riding a tandem bicycle.

In Sexy Dance Healing he is seen drawing caricatures of Mr. Fischoeder before the latter is interrupted by Louise, Gene, and Tina.

In Glued, Where's My Bob?, Fischoeder brings him to Bob's Burgers to draw a portrait of Bob stuck to the toilet, with the intent of creating prints so they can "make a fortune". While Fischoeder assures Louise it will be "tasteful", Charac is seen shaking his head "no" in response suggesting he wasn't planning to draw it that way, and the two walk away to have a "little conference" according to Fischoeder. Both are seen later in the episode as part of the crowd cheering Bob on in the end.



  • His name is spelled as Chirac in a behind the scenes tweet for "Glued, Where's My Bob?" by Bernard Derriman. This is more than likely just a misspelling however, as his name is spelled the usual way in the captions for the episode and the credits for "Moody Foodie".


Season 2

Season 5

Season 6

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