Bob's Burgers character
Gender Male
Hair Grey
Occupation Caricature artist
Behind the scenes
First "Moody Foodie"
Voiced by David Herman

Charac is a caricature artist who draws caricatures set up on Front Street.


Sometimes, rather than taking requests, he draws what he hears being described within earshot then charges the describer for it.

In Moody Foodie he draws Reggie, Tran and Pepe's descriptions of the Moody Foodie's disguises, as well as Tina riding a zombie horse and Bob's mustache "really giving it to a caterpillar" as requested by Louise.

In Tina and the Real Ghost he can be seen drawing Tina and Jeff riding a tandem bicycle.

In Sexy Dance Healing he draws caricatures of Mr. Fischoeder

In Glued, Where's My Bob?, Fischoeder brings him to Bob's Burgers to draw portraits of Bob on the toilet and then sell them to make a fortune.



Season 2

Season 5

Season 6

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