Bob's Burgers character
Carl Lumpkin
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Behind the scenes
First "Wag the Hog"
Voiced by Joe Lo Truglio

Carl Lumpkin is a person who was interested in buying Critter's motorcycle before Kenny. Like Kenny he works in finance, has an interest in outlaw biker gear and they play squash together.

He is first seen mysteriously stalking the Belchers who are transporting Critter's motorcycle to Kenny. When Kenny leaves the engine running while going inside his apartment to get money and while the Belchers' backs are turned he steals the bike and drives it to his home. Critter reveals who Carl is after Bob calls Critter about the stolen bike and hears Gene's description of his 'fancy pants'.

Kenny eventually finds the bike and fights over it with Carl, damaging it in the process. Carl is later told off by Bob not to steal as he, the kids and Kenny take the bike to be repaired by the One Eyed Snakes.


Carl wears a blue bandana around his head, he wears 'fancy pants' as described by Gene and loafers with no socks. He wears a light red shirt under a leather jacket. When he is stalking the Belchers and when he steals Critter's bike he wears a blue baseball cap and sunglasses without his jacket.

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