Bob's Burgers character
CJ und Darnell
CJ and Darnell
Gender Male
Hair Blond (CJ)
Black (Darnell)
Occupation Stuntmen
Behind the scenes
First "Friends with Burger-fits"
Voiced by Brian Huskey (CJ)
Keegan-Michael Key (Darnell)

CJ and Darnell run a stuntman boot camp that Teddy signs himself and Bob up for in Friends with Burger-fits.

Bob and Teddy first see them while Bob is assisting Teddy while jogging through the park and see their group doing one of their "mid-morning melees."

CJ offers up stats comparing stuntman work to regular exercise and Darnell is rather eccentric about performing stunts.


  • Their names are not mentioned in the episode. Darnell's is listed on the end credits but CJ's isn't owing to Brian Huskey also voicing Regular Sized Rudy in the episode. It is mentioned in a tweet from the show's supervising director Bernard Derriman.[1]


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