Bob's Burgers character
Burt Dellalucci
Gender Male
Hair Red
Occupation Co-announcer at Wonder Wharf Baseball Park
Behind the scenes
First "Lobsterfest"
Voiced by Tim Heidecker

Burt Dellalucci is an announcer at Wonder Wharf Baseball Park. He works alongside co-announcer Phil Finnegan.


Burt has an energetic personality while on the mic. Often whooping and howling at times. He is also an alcoholic, saying that "AA was "A" waste of time".


  • Like Torpedo Jones, he makes his first appearance in production order in Torpedo but cameos in the crowd scene in Lobsterfest which aired first.
  • Burt is voiced by Tim Heidecker. Heidecker's comedy partner Eric Wareheim voices Burt's co-announcer Phil.
  • His last name is never mentioned in any dialog but it appears on the end credits.


Season 1

  • Lobsterfest (first appearance in broadcast order)
  • Torpedo (first appearance in production order)

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