Bob's Burgers character
Gender Female
Hair Grey, previously blonde
Occupation Farmer
Relatives Cooper (Husband)
5 Kids
Behind the scenes
First "Bob Fires the Kids"
Voiced by Megan Mullally

Beverly is the wife of Cooper featured in Bob Fires the Kids. She runs a farm with him that grows blueberries and cannabis. They disguise the cannabis in a cavity between a filled blueberry punnet and and empty one.

In Bob Fires the Kids, Beverly and Cooper hire the Tina, Louise and Gene to work on their "blueberry" farm. They assign Tina as the blueberry delivery girl and Louise and Gene to "pick weeds". At the end of the episode a SWAT team comes to the farm and arrests the hippie couple.


  • She and Cooper appear to have once been a musical duo called Birth To Earth as they appear on what appears to be an album poster hanging up in their trailer where their appearances on the poster match that of what's in the other family photos on the wall.
  • Met Cooper after she had wandered away from a community birthing in a barn to defecate under a tree.

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