Bob's Burgers character
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Relatives Jacob (son)
Behind the scenes
First "Wag the Hog"
Voiced by Sarah Baker

Bethany is a mother who Linda meets while at Hot Totties along with her baby son, Jacob in "Wag the Hog." Linda attempts to impress her by passing Sidecar, whom she is babysitting, off as her own baby son named Simon. After Sidecar becomes violent after not napping, he starts throwing things at other mothers and babies including Bethany who receives a laceration to her face as a result of Sidecar's actions. Linda eventually comes clean about Sidecar saying his father is in "jail" and his mother is "in the woods". Taking it as though Critter and Mudflap are unfit parents and that Linda may have kidnapped Sidecar, Bethany then prepares to call child services but Linda manages to distract her and runs off with Sidecar.

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