Bob's Burgers character
Bernadette Baker
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Occupation Former astronaut
Behind the scenes
First "The Grand Mama-pest Hotel"
Voiced by Jenny Slate

Bernadette Baker is a former astronaut who flew on two missions to the International Space Station. She delivers the keynote speech at a heroine conference at the Brewster Courtyard Gardens Hotel in "The Grand Mama-pest Hotel."

Before she makes her speech, Linda, who has been banned from the hotel and from seeing Tina ask her a question, tells her to say that her mother was the one who inspired her to go into space in response to Tina's question. Despite this, she defies Linda's order while answering Tina's question.


  • Bernadette doesn't appear to be based on any specific female astronaut, several have visited the ISS multiple times and have expertise in other fields.
  • Is also a black belt in karate. She wrote a book about her life called Kicking Space and Taking Names.
  • Was inspired to go into space by her seventh-grade chemistry teacher.
  • The one CD she'd take into space if she was going up again would be Live at Red Rocks 8.15.95 by the Dave Matthews Band.
  • Doesn't have any children of her own.
  • Her sensei wears a pink camouflage bandana.


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