The Belcher family (Clockwise from top: Bob, Tina, Gene, Louise, and Linda.)

The Belcher Family is one of the main families in the show.

Family Members

Main Family

Extended Family

  • Gloria (Linda's mother)
  • Al (Linda's father)
  • Gayle (Linda's sister)
  • Burt (Gloria's father/Linda and Gayle's grandfather)
  • Big Bob (Bob's father)
  • Ernest Lombard (Bob's maternal uncle)
  • Vanessa (Bob's cousin)
  • Vanessa (Linda's cousin)


The Belcher family share most of their physical traits, signifying strong genetic makeup. The family patriarch Bob has black hair, olive skin, and a great deal of body hair. Since Linda shares some of these qualities, it is typical that their children would inherit their parents' physical appearance.


  • The Belcher family seems to have European origins, and share traits of Mediterranean descent, most likely Greek or Italian.
  • Belcher is an name that originates from Gaulish and the language d'Oïl, implying the family has French or French-Canadian heritage.

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